About Us

Best earplugs for sleeping is located in center of US State with a great team of earplugs expert professionals ready to meet customer satisfaction at great level.

We have the solid mission at FAMILY WEB CONSULTANT to make hearing protection easily available for our individual customers as well as industry customers who demand the bulk hearing protection and also the individual retailerswho want to buythe perfect pair of earplugs.

Our Venture is started as a family business with a small office and we had very few boxes of earplugs. We aimed to deliver modestly to anyone, anywhere in need to protect their hearing against the affordable price around the globe. Our core idea behind the service was to let our customers choose just precisely they want an earplug and to provide them the required quantity, whether they demand a single pair of ear plugs or a whole shipping container filled with million pairs of earplugs.

The culture in our company is purely built on a compact foundation of helping our precious customers even if we need to refer them to another business to solve their problem. All our team members are committed to the slogan,“filling our customers’ needs with best possible solution”. We have high aim to fit in the demand of our customers and take it as the key to our success.

Today! In our business we haven’t changed our business’ model but in addition to earplugs, we are catering our customers with the wide variety of hearing protection, other enhancement products and health benefits tips.
With less than two dozen employees strength at FAMILY WEB CONSULTANT we have great stock over a thousand pairs of earplugs and its related products, we smoothly ship to customers worldwide living anywhere. Our company’s more than a decade experience of providing hearing protection guides and products to solve our customers’ problems make us trustworthy supplier. Moreover our flexibility as a small business enterprise confidently allows us to respond to customers’ queries quickly with a proper guide of use at personal level.

As we have small company structure it allows us to ship customer’s orders fast and quickly. We have the most knowledgeable customer services staff, they all are trained and certified professionals in field, providing services located in-house. We are unlike the industry hulks, we take care when a customer makes a special request to deliver bulk or single pair and they do not require waiting for a committee meeting to get their orders delivered or a marketing analysis to make such decisions. Wetake prompt actions and always aim to bring the best products available which do not exert any pressure on your pocket with our 100% dedication.

“Our customer is always first & right.” And essentially we actually mean it. We don’t just sell earplugs to you that protect your hearing;we are always focused to educate you about hearing protection as well.


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