New Relationship? Here Are Some Bed-Sharing Tips


Being in a new relationship is fun, moving in together is even more fun. However, there could be a little problem when it comes to sharing the same bed with your partner. This means you need some bed-sharing tips. Maybe your partner loves to cuddle too much or they snore too loudly at night. All this could be pretty hard to deal with if you are so used to living alone and not sharing your space. Adapting to change is not easy. This is because you get to know more about your better half that you actually did not know. Here are some bed-sharing tips that might enable you to adjust easily.

Increase space

When two people who love each other finally get to move in together, the issue of space might come up. If you used to have a small bed, then you might have to get a bigger bed that can comfortably accommodate the two of you. As a bed-sharing tip, you need to know that sleep is very important. A good night’s sleep is also determined by the kind of mattress that you have. Sleeping in a good mattress will make you and your partner enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. There will also be fewer complaints about back aches because of sleeping on quality mattress.

Rhyme in Your Sleeping Routines

It is only seen in movies where couples come from work and snuggle up before falling asleep. In reality, this might not be the case. The two of you might have totally different sleeping routines. Some of which might be distracting the other’s sleep. As you move in together, take this bed sharing tip seriously because you need to come up with a solution to this problem. You might have to come up with a plan that will be suitable for the both of you. This might save you a lot of headache in adjusting to new habits.

Let Your Partner Know Your Schedule

It is good that once you move in together, you find out some of the issues that might make your partner have sleepless nights. If you have a mega event coming up at work or a board room presentation that will keep you wide awake most of nights, it is best to share with your partner. They might actually come in handy and help you in working out the issue. This will definitely help you both to sleep better at night and not compromise each other’s sleep.

Give Yourselves Ample Time

tips for new relationship

Everything requires patience. Bed sharing with your partner is no exception to this rule. You need to give yourselves time to adjust to the new changes. This might take a while before you both get accustomed to sharing your personal space. You simply need to identify some of the things that will help you both as a couple sleeps better at night. You could cuddle and snuggle up, read a book together or even enjoy a cup of hot chocolate to help you fall asleep at the same time.

Sleep Separately if You have to

If the worst comes to the worst and all these bed sharing tips do not bear fruit, then this does not have to end your relationship. You can decide to sleep separately but still stay together. Several couples opt to try sleeping separately on different beds in a bid to solve their sleep issues. This bed sharing tip might work if maybe one of you has a sleeping disorder like sleep apnea or has restless leg syndrome. If this turns out to be the case, you might need to find other ways to bond with your partner and spend quality time as well. You can create some time every morning or evening to just cuddle and talk about your personal stuff in order to strengthen your relationship.

In a nutshell, adapting to sharing your bed with your partner might be hard at first, but will be worth it once you get in sync with each other. These bed sharing tips might turn out useful at some point. Sleep on a good mattress that fits both of you. This might be a good bed haring tip if your current bed is not big enough. Share your schedules and issues; make sure that your sleeping habits rhyme as well. You might also have to give each other time to adjust and get used to bed sharing. If these do not work, then you can choose to sleep separately for a while before you reach a good solution.

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