Earplugs for Musicians to Protect Ears

For a musician the most important asset is their ears’ functionality, so for the musicians, it becomes more important to protect ears to get damage and make sure ears are protected perfectly. Maybe no one else gratitude’s capability of hearing then musicians, as they make their livings in this musical industry by spending hours and hours listening to sounds. Every human ear can hear sound in a certain level of decibels, so a lot of exposing ears to those type of sound even lightly high volume levels can cause temporary damage to ear hearing capability and frequently exposing to this level of sound can even cause permanent damages. So it becomes critical to properly protect the ears by using proper protection.

It’s been estimated that sound produced in almost all musical instruments have ability to damage hearing ability, causing disorders. These disorders can be a loss of hearing, the problem in pitch-perceiving, loudness not tolerable, and tinnitus (ringing ear).

Types of Ear plugs for Musicians:

Soft Foam Earplugs for Musicians:

The most common and comfortable earplugs are soft foam earplugs. It used by compressing and then sticking them into the ear canal, allowing expanding to fit into the ear canal. Foam earplugs are not reusable but inexpensive because for their material quality and not cleanable. A user can hear the sounds little muffled to prevent more efficiently high frequencies sound then low frequencies sound.

best Earplugs for Musicians

Silicon Earplugs for Musicians:

Next, most known earplugs are silicon earplugs. These are similar but not identical to foam earplugs; they are made of silicon. They are reusable as it can easily clean. It can protect ears from extreme exposure to sounds created by musical instruments but can have responses to uneven frequencies. If you are energetic to silicon, we advise better not to use it.

High-fidelity Earplugs for Musicians:

These types of earplugs are also known as valved earplugs. The meaning of “High-fidelity” means an electrical system produces a sound which is very accurate to the original sound. So a High-fidelity earplug reduces the level of sound and even maintains the nature of sound as accurate as possible. These are also made of silicon rubber available with a flange which enables the user to easily insert into the ear canal. They usually have opening trough which makes able to insert into ear canal easily. These types of ear plugs have the ability to response to the wider frequency to change the extreme level of sound to natural sound.

Custom Earplugs for Musicians:

These types of ear plugs are made in such a way that musicians can make the earplugs according to their choice. Musicians earplugs are consists of the thin membrane which vibrates to produce a sound which acts as complying acoustic known as a diaphragm, and a customized earmould which the hole sound around the musicians acts as a mass of acoustic.

Some of the musicians choose to use different filtering on both sides of ears to block the sound of different decibel value, to able to hear one side more than another side. Earplugs are available in different colors, which will be helpful to easily identify decibel value of earplugs.

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