Earplugs for Concert and Protect Hearing

Everyone enjoys concerts, especially attends the concert to listen to their favorite band. But the question arises now, for how long? Most of the concert exceeds 90dB sound level, which is above 80 dB (above this value can be harmful to hearing), which is extremely harmful and damages hearing. Most of the musicians understand the risks can cause by this level of sound long time. Hence most of them use earplug during concerts. Earplugs for the concert are made in such a way that a user can hear the music and its quality, but only at a level which is safe for their ears by filtering muffles the harmful and excessively loud noises.

Some of the important criteria need to be in earplugs for the concert:

Clear sound:

Earplugs are used to reduce noises. But earplugs for concerts need to make such a way that it can cut off noises without losing fidelity of sound so that the audience or player will hear whatever is played.


Earplugs are not a device used to attract; it is extremely low profile devices. So earplugs need to make such a way that use can choose according to their choice.


As earplugs are a small device, it’s even affordable and worth investing your money to protect hearing.


Earplugs need to be comfortable to use hours and hours continuously without causing irritating or inflammation. Only able to blocking sound entering in ears is not enough, earplugs for studying must be comfortable to be sure that doesn’t cause itching or irritation problem. Foam earplugs or custom designed earplugs are mostly used.


Some of the earplugs for the concert are reusable. Ability to use the earplugs after cleaning, as well as maintains their shape after repeated using it

Ease to use

These earplugs must be molded in such a way that it will be easy to put in into the ear to block noises. As it should be easy to plug in, it should even be easy to plug out. Means, it must not be difficult to take out from the ear, especially when inserted into the ear canals. There are many earplugs which need twisters or something to pull it out.

best earplugs for concert

Practice only hearing safe sounds:

Once we use to know the loss of hearing was one of the symptoms of old aged people, but now the fact is young people also suffer form loss of hearing due to intruded loud noises entering into ears. Most of the young people love concerts, hearing live shows and regularly involve in these types of environments where high volume sounds are produced. Many people experience Tinnitus, ringing in the ears (such as roaring, hissing, buzzing) continuously due to overexposing ears to loud noises. This indicates damage of hearing has occurred.

Protect your hearing, protect yourself:

Sounds are considered dangerous if sound reaches its level above 80dB and over a long period. Not only frequency, even at certain level sounds over time can damage hearing capability. The first step is to know and educate yourself, and you’re loved once about the unsafe level of sounds and ways to protect ears.

All activities (such as concerts, clubs, riding motorcycles, and driving a sports car) can cause harm to hearing capability. Use earplugs regularly while involving yourself in these types of activities to prevent dangerous sound entering into the ear to avoid hearing loss and tinnitus by reducing decibels of the sound. Most of the earplugs are made such a way that it reduces the level of high decibel sound entering into the ear with able to hear other important sounds.

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