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Our Website covers just about everything to do with sleep, from health issues to productivity tips. If you would like to become a guest bloggers then please email us guestpostsubmit@gmail.com. Please mention our website name in your subject line.

Content Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed during write for us:

  1. Subjects:   Please Choose a topic on the following categories

·         Health including related topics such as wellness, fitness, healthy eating and diets, sound sleep, weight loss, and longevity

·         Stress relief including topics like relaxation, meditation tips, and yoga benefit

2.    Blog Post Length: Articles should be at least 700 words.

3.    Content Originality: Help us grow our content by creating attractive catchy topics and content.

4.    Styling: Please send copy write images or take the full permission form the image owner. The article should be accessible, inspiring, highly creative, educational, informative

5.    You promote the published content across your own social media channels.

Apart from articles, you can also provide us infographics.

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